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Teacher Pages

Teacher pages for the 2018-2019 school year are currently under construction. Please check back in August/September. Thank you!

Ms. Murphy

Developmental Preschool


Ms. Colio

TK/K - Dual Language


Ms. Severson



Ms. Hernandez

1st Grade - Dual Language


Ms. Songer

1st/2nd Grade


Mr. Ibarra

2nd/3rd Grade - Dual Language


Ms. Dagondon

3rd/4th Grade


Ms. Clark

4th/5th Grade

Ms. Camacho

4th/5th Grade - Dual Language


Ms. Martinez

6th/7th/8th Grade - ELA/Social Studies


Ms. Archuleta

6th/7th/8th Grade - Math/Science


Mr. Lopez

TK-8th Grade Physical Education


Ms. Shimer

Specialized Academic Instruction


Mr. Hagos



Ms. Cunningham

Speech-Language Pathologist


Ms. Rockwell

Instructional Coach